Goose creek skin to win march 5 2013

You can see 6 mountain ranges for the top of goose creek...

Lessons learned in the mountains of Montana

getting lost sucks, walking/skinning and thinking go well together, geography is amazing and all around us, lots of random thoughts from the last 2 weeks

montana love early dec 2012

ravi shankar didnt want to live one more day to see 12-12-12 what did he know first days of winter travels in montana

end of world tour.................. the beginning

start of the road trip winter 2012- 2013

fall surfing on nantucket 2012

from late september thru thanksgiving nantucket enjoyed a great run of surf here are some words and pictures highlighting our epic fall.

August waves do not disappoint 2012

August came in with a bang and left with a bigger bang with over 15 surfable days in aug. nantucket was blessed with the fun in the sun and water that you might only get on surf vacation

surf report for Aug. 13 thru Aug. 19

Summer tropical like conditions with predominately southwest winds and small choppy surf for the next week, keeping eye on a tropical feature that could bring us some small southeast ground swell.

july's surf has been generous

a month that is usually devoid of waves, was wave full and rain deprived, since july 4th there has been rideable surf almost everyday. Mostly wind swell and not great it has been such a relief to be able to jump in the water and wash the dust off and catch a few tasty nuggets

rainbows and waves

while looking for rainbows ran into some surf

may's many surf days

May can be a test of surfers patience but with 2 tropical systems bringing us swell plus a northeaster and some southwest wind swell, life has been good for surfers on nantucket in may

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