fall surfing on nantucket 2012

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From the first day of fall september 22 , we have had great waves on the gray lady.  September 22 thru the 27th brough nantucket southwest windswell coupled with the light to almost non-existant winds created some glassy clean fun waves that would prove to a good training ground for the swells to come.  

Hurricane Nadine formed and reformed in the atlantic during the mid and later part of september, sending small impluses of waves at nantucket we rode the swells on sept 29 and sept 30. After a two week lull in waves the Atlantic ocean came roaring back to life.  On Ocotober 12 Tropical Storm Rafeal formed near St Lucia, as the storm moved parellel to the east coast but not too close, waves started reaching Nantucket by the 16th.  Ocotober 17 was an unreal day, the surf was pumping all day and Madaquesham was the place to be. 

Next up in the hit parade of tropical systems was the mother of all the storms Hurricane Sandy.  Sandy blasted its way up the east coast.  On Nantucket we didn't get waves till Nov 1st. Riding on the 2nd of November,  Sandy's swell was fading fast but we still had some fun swell to play in on Nov. 3.  It was amazing to see the devastation that happen just a hundred miles south of us, and we were untouched and playing in the storms wake.surfing sandy's swells

A low pressure system worked its was up from the carolinas on the 8th of November giving the ack crew a short but sweet swell window. 

On Nov 15 a cold front moved thru our region producing north winds and a developing low pressure that stayed south of new england and spun for the next 7 days producing one of the cleanest long last swells of the whole year. All the way thru thanksgiving we surfed all over the south shore of the island and on every tide.  It was a week for ther record books..sunny 's lefthander

As we enter December the ocean has quieted down and the waves have flattened but looking back on the fall 2012 we have lots of memories of great waves and great friends to ride with. 


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