july's surf has been generous

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After the fireworks of july 4th, mother nature provided her own version of fireworks.  The ocean, our big wave making machine, gave us fireworks of the watery kind.  July 5 thru the 14 saw small to medium wind swell that was big enough to ride and cool off.  With no rain in that time frame and some of the hottest conditions seen on nantucket in the last 20 years, the ocean not only was a fun to ride it was a blessed relief to be able to jump in and cool off.  Water tempts were approaching 80 degrees, and although refreshing, the ocean felt great and comfortable and provided an much needed relief to the hot and hummid conditions we have been experiencing. 

July 5 thru 14 the swell was off an on, with small clean waves available for surfing most days.  Then on the july 19 the surf picked up as a cold front stalled off our south coast.  This began to pump waves our way while keeping the winds mostly offshore.  We had surf on Friday in the chest high range with great winds and even some rain. Saturday got better with sunshine and chest to shoulder high clean waves caressing our shores.rainbows and waves at nobs

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