may's many surf days

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Our first swell of the month of May was the 2nd, with waist to chest high waves and off shore winds, may was starting out on the right foot for us surfers.  May 3rd the swell held and we surfed nobadeer beach with friends under cloudy skies and off shore winds again. May 10th saw our next surfable swell with the sham going off for about 2 hours of big burly meaty surf, Sean Curry and jamie briard stole the show.  Mother Nature took a little break, damn her, and we had to wait 8 days for surf of longest stretch of the month. May 19 dawned clear with north winds and all our southern beaches were working. The swell petered out by the 20th, with some surfers long boarding.  We didnt have to wait long on the 22nd another swell appeared on our shores as a storm system moved to our south, the water was angry and big and sunny and curry tackled some big waves at cisco.  On the 23, we saw our first pulses of tropical storm Alberto pushing onto nantucket the surf was fun all day and there were many surfers out in the water. May 24th we still had swell and the surfers were out in numbers along the south shore.  Memorial day weekend saw some small fun waves sunday and monday, with the warm temps it was nice to get in the water...

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